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V&A Photography

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Selling Dreams: One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography (28 September 2012 - 6 January 2013)

The V&A at Dundee may not be due to open until 2015, but this exhibition will give visitors a tantalising glimpse of things to come.

Running from 28 September 2012 - 6 January 2013 and organized by the V&A in London, it's the second in a series of exhibitions being held at The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum.

The curators at the V&A have access to some astonishing art; in this case, they're dipping into the UK's National Collection of the Art of Photography. This exhibition features work from leading contemporary photographers including Rankin, Corinne Day and Tim Walker, while established masters of the field David Bailey, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn are also among those represented.

Ronald Traeger, Twiggy wears Twiggy Dresses Battersea Park, London. Unpublished Fashion Study for British Vogue, Young Idea, July 1967 © Estate of Ronald Traeger / Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Irving Penn coined the phrase which inspired the title of the exhibition, when he said that his role as fashion photographer at Vogue was about "selling dreams not clothes". This hints that there is more to fashion photography than simply documenting the latest designs.

The exhibition will explore 100 years of fashion photography in eight sections, from the early days of illustrated magazines to the narrative approaches used by photographers today. Along the way we will see how the field changed with the times, including the rise of Surrealism, the swinging sixties, the daring and provocative 1970s and the trend towards reportage in the 1990s.

Susanna Brown, Curator of Photographs at the V&A, said, "This exhibition brings together diverse works by more than twenty leading image-makers and will include some wonderful iconic images as well as rarely exhibited photographs from the V&A collection." 

With an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci drawings later this year also organized by the V&A and McManus, the prospect of the V&A at Dundee in 2015 seems more exciting and tangible than ever.

Find out more about the exhibition on The McManus website.

Storytelling Festival

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Scottish Storytelling Festival 2012 (19 – 28 October 2012)

To mark the 200th anniversary of the first Brothers Grimm story, this year’s Scottish Storytelling Festival is all about folktales of Europe, old and new. Exploring our fascination with fairytales across all different cultures, age groups and generations, the festival brings us live storytelling performances, exhibitions, discussions and fun family activities.

Highlights in Edinburgh will include ...

Tell-a-Story Day encourages people all over Scotland to set up their own storytelling events

Illustrating the Brothers Grimm (daily)

Brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm were storytellers famous for popularising many classic tales including Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel. They first appeared in print 200 years ago, and to celebrate the National Library of Scotland is showcasing a collection of story book illustrations and other Brothers Grimm exhibits.

A Tale O Twa Touns (27 October 2012)

Mercat Tours are hosting a special walking tour of Edinburgh for the Storytelling Festival, starting at the Mercat Cross beside St. Giles Cathedral. This is your chance to hear the stories of Edinburgh’s past, and discover the surprising contrast between the city’s two characters ‘Auld Reekie’ and the ‘Athens of the North’.

Tell-a -Story Day (28 October 2012)

Tell-a-Story Day is a celebration of live storytelling, encouraging people all over Scotland to set up their own storytelling events - making, sharing and listening to stories with their local communities. With support from the Scottish Storytelling Centre, anyone can organise an event. Open events are taking place across the country, to find your nearest visit Tell-a-Story Day Events.

With all this and much more to see and do, the Scottish International Storytelling festival is not to be missed. Check out the full programme online.


Halloween in London

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Halloween (31 October 2012)

If you are looking for ideas for the October holidays then take heed - all things spooky will soon begin their ghostly pilgrimage to the fright fest that is Halloween.

With its haunted towers, gloomy dungeons and bloodthirsty history, there is plenty going on in London this year to scare you silly. This October will see events taking place all over the city, including spooky club nights, spine-chilling tours, creepy West End performances and, of course, we can’t forgot the bonkers fancy dress where the city celebrates the scariest night of the year with a very flamboyant approach.

Get into the spirit of Halloween this October in London

Halloween at the London Dungeons

Enjoy Halloween at the London Dungeons for the full scare experience. Be prepared to feel your blood run cold and for all hairs to stand on edge this Halloween as the London Dungeon delivers eerie screams of tortured souls and leaves you shivering whilst 'Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell' will take you on a nightmare underground journey. Luckily for our guests, Apex City of London it just round the corner so you can expect a good night’s sleep as long as you can get the eerie screams out of your head.

Jack the Ripper Tours

Enjoy a Jack the Ripper Tour this Halloween and make the most of our exclusive discount where all Apex guests will receive £1 off the ticket price. Walk the steps of London’s most famous serial killer and experience this frightening tour.

The Woman in Black

If it is a spooky West End theatre performance you are after to celebrate Halloween this year, then be sure to see The Woman in Black. With a story set around a haunted house and a spine-chilling curse, what more could you want? Caution, this play will leave you as white as a ghost.

No matter what you are looking for, there is no shortage of thrills and chills to entertain you this October. Enjoy Apex Halloween celebrations at our hotels and make sure you visit London this Halloween .... if you dare!


V&A Photography

The V&A at Dundee may not opening until 2015, but this exhibition gives us a glimpse of things to come.

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Storytelling Festival

This year’s Scottish Storytelling Festival is all about Folktales of Europe old and new.

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Halloween in London

With haunted towers, gloomy dungeons and bloodthirsty history, there's plenty going on in London to scare you silly.

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