• Environmental Features at Apex Waterloo Place Hotel

    Apex Hotels are seen as leaders within the industry on their environmental initiatives and as a result have won numerous environmental awards. Their London Hotel produces less carbon emissions than a typical hotel of its size and many of these environmental initiatives were installed into the new Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh:

    The building has been fully refurbished into a 187 bed 4 star contemporary hotel with restaurant, bar, ozone pool, leisure and conference facilities.

    As part of Apex Hotels continued environmental efforts of reduce, reuse and recycle. A number of actions were carried out at the design stage of this hotel to reduce its carbon emissions:

    • The hotel group regenerated an existing building structure thus conserving resources and energy and reducing drastically the quantity of demolition waste to landfill.
    • The building is located in the city centre on a brown field site with exceptionally good access to public transport links reducing the need for cars.
    • The Georgian building at the front of the property is built from thick local sandstone providing good thermal insulation. It also has large floor to ceiling windows which provide natural lighting and ventilation resulting in low energy demands.
    • The walls and roofs have been insulated, the original sash and case windows have been renovated and draught proofed, the external fabric of the building has been carefully restored by local stonemasons using natural materials and traditional construction techniques, new high performance double glazed timber windows have been fitted in bedrooms and high quality durable timber and stone finishes enhance the interior spaces.
    • A new energy efficient boiler and heating system has been installed linked with a Building Management System (BMS) which enables Apex Hotels to have full control of energy consumption and by monitoring daily can implement measures to further reduce the carbon emissions.
    • Market leading heat pump technology has been installed
    • Card readers have been fitted in all bedrooms to switch off lights, electrical appliances, heating and air coolers when the room is not in use.
    • Low energy kettles are provided in bedrooms to reduce energy consumption.
    • Low energy LED lamps have been fitted throughout the property and motion detectors fitted to low traffic areas to switch lights off.
    • Energy efficient lifts have been installed.
    • A range of water saving devices have been installed in the property these being flow regulators to taps and showers, dual flush toilets, walk in showers separate to the bath to encourage shower use.
    • The pool uses an ozone based cleaning system to reduce the amount of chemicals such as chlorine in the water, it is naturally lit by roof lights and is highly insulated.
    • The sauna and steam rooms are turned on later in the day for peak use rather than on all day.
    • Eco friendly chemicals are used throughout the hotel and a re-use towel policy is in place.
    • Laundering of bed linens and towels are carried out using eco friendly products and techniques.
    • Room toiletries are locally produced using natural ingredients, not tested on animals and are bio-degradable.
    • Used soaps left behind in the hotel are donated to local shelters.
    • The group has a purchasing policy in place to reduce packaging at the source and co-ordinate deliveries to minimise amount of travel.
    • The hotel recycles paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, mobile phones, waste cooking oil, toner cartridges and dry cleaning coat hangers.
    • Newspapers are supplied upon guest request and a few for public areas rather than to every bedroom.
    • Waste is compacted reducing the number of collections.
    • The hotel can provide conference call phones and Netviewer to minimise the need for travel to conferences.
    • As part of the hotels interior design, particular attention was paid to selecting materials which were both durable and sustainable and locally sourced where possible.
    • The hotel serves fair trade tea and coffee, are members of the AA food scheme and use local produce for beverages, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy.

    Apex Hotels have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate in place and offer a carbon offsetting facility.

    The Apex Hotels group enlists the help of consulting engineers, environmental bodies and have a dedicated architect in charge of Sustainable Hotel Design working on all new developments and refurbishments.

    As part of the marketing policy, Apex Hotels print on board that is made from sustainable and generated forests however, print accounts for a very small percentage of the marketing work with the majority being done electronically.