• Apex Hotels Sustainable Bathroom Refurbishment

    A major focus of the Apex Hotels environmental policy is to reduce, reuse and recycle whether this is at the design stage of new developments, conducting refurbishments or day to day activities.

    So, when Apex Hotels carried out a refurbishment of their bathrooms at the Apex International Hotel and Apex European Hotel both in Edinburgh, a great deal of work went into the process to ensure we were re-using what we could, donating to local charities and businesses and installing the latest technology to reduce energy and water consumption.

    This was all done with the help of our dedicated architect in charge of sustainable hotel design, who works on Apex Hotels new developments and refurbishments, and consultant engineers.

    It is with the help of Ian Springford Architects and RSP consulting engineers that we were able to install the most energy efficient products on the market, use paints which don’t contain lead, maximise the use of natural light and ventilation and investigate re-wiring to allow the use of master switches or for ease of shutting down components.

    Some of the actions implemented on the most recent bathroom refurbishments were:


    • WC, WC seat and bracketry for cistern cleaned, retained and re-used.
    • Shower/bath screens cleaned and reused with the seals being replaced.
    • Light fittings retained. Dichroic bulbs and transformers replaced with new LED equivalent to make substantial energy savings.
    • Payback period/lifecycle calculated, light levels tested in 'mock-up' bathroom to ensure comfort.
    • Basins were initially considered for retention but when installed in a 'mock-up' bathroom they looked dated and chipped and as they wouldn't reach guest expectations they were upgraded to new contemporary fittings.

    Water Saving

    • Taps were replaced with new fittings with aerated heads.
    • Installed new low volume cisterns with dual-flush action.
    • Showers were replaced with new thermostatic valves surface mounted for ease of maintenance.
    • Showers fitted with 'flow regulators' to control water usage.
    • Baths were removed from 50% of the bathrooms at the Apex European Hotel and changed to shower only.


    • Bathrooms/shower rooms completely tiled with large porcelain tiles. This reduces the area of grout and creates a highly durable, easily maintainable surface finish.
    • The granite vanity tops were recycled in all bathrooms.
    • All fittings use high quality stainless steel, the majority of stainless steel was retained.

    Energy Savings

    • The existing bathroom pipe-work thermal insulation was upgraded to reduce heat loss.
    • Shower flow regulators result in less hot water being heated and drawn therefore saving in gas consumption.
    • The low volume cisterns with dual-flush action result in less water being used per flush.
    • Changing some rooms to shower only reduces the water volume that could potentially be used if guests were to run the bath.