• Sustainable Hotel Design from Apex Hotels

    The design of our Hotels contribute to their environmental efficiency.

    Apex Hotels have a dedicated architect in charge of Sustainable Hotel Design and through new energy efficient technology the hotels are producing less carbon emissions.

    Group wide:

    • Apex Hotels use existing buildings based in the City centre and not on Greenfield sites (exception of Apex in Dundee, a new build on a brownfield site)
    • Apex Hotels are surrounded by good transport links for road, air, rail, underground rail and boat.
    • Improved thermal performance in room finishes.
    • Thermographic imaging conducted.
    • Energy efficient roof plant rooms.
    • High specification glazing introduced.
    • Dual flush cisterns introduced to bathrooms and public toilets.
    • Bathrooms designed with walk in showers separate to the bath to encourage shower use.
    • Flow restrictors in place for showers and taps.
    • Ving key card systems in place to control lighting, heating and air cooling when rooms not in use.
    • Master switches in place to control lighting.
    • Energy saving lighting, dimmers and motion detectors in place.
    • LED lighting in place.
    • Energy efficient lifts introduced.
    • Energy efficient boilers introduced.
    • Building Management Systems in place to control temperatures throughout the building.
    • Less obtrusive signage internally and externally so they are visually pleasing to the eye.
    • Cycle racks in place to encourage cycle use.
    • Ozone pools in place using ozone to disinfect the water instead of chlorine.