• Metro West End Bar & Restaurant

    90 Haymarket Terrace Edinburgh EH12 5LQ Scotland | T 0845 365 0002 | Email


  • Dine at Metro West End

    Do lunch or dinner at Metro West End restaurant, situated in Edinburgh city centre, and enjoy great food and great service at great prices.

    At this West End hotel restaurant we offer a variety of grills, seafood, mains, starters, pastas and salads, made using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, so that you can enjoy the finest, freshest cuisine. Of course, there's something on the menu for everybody, so if you have special dietary requirements you'll still find something on the menu for you.

    More than anything, Metro West End has an unmistakable air of fun. Eating should always be relaxed and enjoyable, and will be in this tranquil city centre restaurant.

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