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I'm Not An Ugly Duckling!

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This Apex Duck story was written and sent to us by Joy Kirby-Tibbits. We enjoyed reading it so much we thought we would share it with you.

I'm Not An Ugly Duckling by Joy Kirby-Tibbets

Apex Duck Story

(With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen)

Once upon a time a lady went to London with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They stayed at the Apex London Wall Hotel.

Apex London Wall Hotel

And it was there, in the bathroom, that she found me.

There I am in the bathroom

The lady asked me who I was and I said, “My name is Apex and I think I am an ugly duckling.” I was sitting on a card which told the lady she could take me home if she would like to. She said, “Ugly ducklings grow up to be swans, do you think you are going to be a swan?” I told the lady that I had seen two swans in the bedroom next door and thought they might be my Mummy and Daddy. She went into the bedroom and sure enough, there were two swans on the bed!

Swans on the bed

She laughed and said, “They’re not real, they are only rolled up towels but I know just the place to go to find out if you really are going to grow up to be a swan, would you like to go?”

I nodded and she popped me into her bag.

All ready to go

A few days later the lady said we were going to Dorset to visit the Abbotsbury Swannery where over 800 swans live. The Swannery was established by Benedictine Monks who built a monastery in the 1040’s. The monastery was destroyed in 1539 but the Swannery Sanctuary still exists today.

I was very excited and jumped in the car.

Let's go!

I had to travel in that bag again, but I didn’t mind, I was very excited.

 Off to the swannery

Soon we were at the Swannery.

We're here!

It was feeding time and no-one wanted to talk to me.


I was hungry too but I don’t like eating out of a bucket and I really only like toast.

No thanks. Toast for me.

I asked if I had hatched out of an egg.

What a big egg.

No-one could tell me. So I asked a Mummy Swan if I was a cygnet (a cygnet is a baby swan) but she said cygnets have fluffy, brown feathers.

I'm not a cygnet?

It was clear to me that I did not have fluffy, brown feathers and I began to feel very, very sad.

The lady told me not to be upset and that she had an idea which might cheer me up. We got back in the car and went to our hotel.

Back to the hotel we go

I was tired, hungry and dusty. The lady said she knew just the thing to make me feel better.

First I had a bath.

Just what I needed.

Then I had some toast. Mmmm! Toast!


Then I got dressed up!

Look at me!

As you can see, I may not be a cygnet, I may not grow up to be a swan but I am certainly not an ugly duckling!