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The Big Egg Hunt London

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The Big Egg Hunt (21 February - 8 April 2012)

Easter is going to be a very exciting time for those visiting London as the city opens its arms to the world's biggest Easter egg hunt!

The Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt will be made from over 200 giant egg sculptures' which are placed all over central London. This is going to be one of the most "eggstraordinary" (see what we did there) events in the history of London. The Big Event is even going to attempt to break a new world record!

The London wide egg hunt will see thousands of people searching for the two and half foot, fibre glass sculptures. Each iconic egg has been designed and decorated by some of the world's top designers, artists, jewellers and architects from all over the globe. Some of these names famous names includes Diane Von Furstenberg, Nicky Haslam, Mulburry, Vivienne Westwood and the Chapman brothers - just to name a few.

The Big Egg Hunt is not only going to unite the city of London in the world's biggest Easter egg hunt, but also doubles up as a fundraising event for two amazing charities - Elephant Family and Action for Children.

These dramatic pieces of art are truly unique and will capture the minds and hearts of everyone visiting the city. The finale of this original egg hunt will see the eggs go up for auction to help raise money for the two charities. The top 30 eggs, dubbed as the 'Golden Collection' will be sold at a live auction held on 20 March.

Be sure to gather your family and friends, grab your zone map, download the clues and take part in the worlds biggest-ever Easter egg hunt and help break a new world record! We'll be keeping our eyes out for them - the race is on!

The Big Egg Hunt website

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