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It's only fair to share...

Over the years we've built up an extensive knowledge of how to organise the perfect meeting. From the choice of venue right down to the flavour of your jelly beans, we're always thinking about how we can improve your service.

We think it's only fair to share some of our secrets to success with you, so we've suggested some top tips to ensure that your meeting is the apex of your planning.

Our Top Tips:

Determine your meeting or event objectives
What does it need to accomplish? Who has to attend? What should attendees take away at the end? Based on these objectives, brainstorm possible cities and hotel types. Consider services, and travel requirements. Evaluate pros and cons: for example, an airport hotel may be convenient, but a city centre might have more appropriate ambience.

Choose the right venue.
Choose a venue to match your needs. If you want creativity, interactivity and an alert audience, then choose somewhere that reflects this energy. Almost all our rooms have natural daylight, air handling and dimmer controlled lighting to provide the perfect atmosphere to help really deliver your message.

Give your venue as much information as possible.
It's easy to overlook the importance of telling your venue what the purpose of your meeting is, but the more information you provide, the better. We find it allows us to make all the little decisions about how best to ensure your conference goes smoothly.

Diversify your presentation methods.
We've found the best way to keep peoples attention and ensure they get the message is to vary how that message is delivered. So rather than a long lecture, we offer the facilities to diversify how you present, with Data Projectors, LCD Screens,DVD players, CD Players and the trusty Flip chart.

Take regular breaks through the day.
We've found that regular breaks enhance productivity. So whether it's just to catch up on the latest news whilst enjoying a coffee and a cake from our All Day Central Coffee Station, or perhaps a fun fueled session on our Nintendo Wii, breaks can really help you think more clearly and enjoy a more productive day.

Never underestimate the power of food at a meeting.
Rather than dull and drab offerings, we think it's better to serve up quality food to enhance the atmosphere and sustain your energy for the work ahead. We always offer a range of delicious food,catering for all tastes to ensure that lunchtime is a treat to replete both body and mind.

Don't forget the goodies!
Give away small gifts or freebies to your delegates to enhance their mood. At Apex Hotels, every delegate gets some jelly beans.

Provide feedback
Make sure you let your event organisers know what you thought. Feedback allows us to tweak our conference rooms and service to exactly match your needs next time.

Your meeting should be a headliner not a headache, so do your best to relax during the day. This can be tricky if you've got a million and one things to think about. We take the strain out of your day with our dedicated operations team, there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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