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Dare ProtoPlay - Video Games Festival

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Dare ProtoPlay - Video Games Festival (8th - 11th August 2013)

Scotland’s biggest Indie Video Games Festival comes to Dundee this August. Dare ProtoPlay features the finale of the 'Dare to be Digital' video games design competition, where the competitors are either university students and recent graduates.

The Festival will be held in Caird Hall, City Centre and Hannah Maclure Centre, all of which are just a short walk from the Apex City Quay Hotel. At Dare ProtoPlay, among other things, you’ll be able to play 15 brand new games created by the Dare to be Digital competitors. During the event, judges will select 3 teams to be put forward as nominations for a BAFTA Ones To Watch Award. You’ll also have the opportunity to cast your vote for the Audience Award.

Dare ProtoPlay attracts a large crowd

Organisers will also be running a ‘Design your own game’ workshop. In these workshops you have the opportunity to create stories, games and animations with some help from the Dare ProtoPlay volunteers. This is the perfect opportunity for younger children who have an interest in video games to get up close and personal with video game creation. These workshops are free to enter.

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, the ‘Games Made in Scotland Showcase’ will take you through a journey of the games that Scotland has gifted to the gaming world over the years. You’ll get the opportunity to play some classic games and you’ll even get to feast your eyes on some of the very earliest gaming consoles.

The biggest event during the festival will be the Dare Indie Fest Conference, which will take place over two days. Various speakers will spend time talking about ‘independence and convergence culture’. Among the speakers are Colin Macdonald (Games Commissioning Editor at Channel 4) and Gina Fegan (founder of D-Media Network).

Look forward to Dare ProtoPlay and prepare for a festival that’s both fun and educational.

Location: Caird Hall, Crichton St, Dundee, DD1 4.

Date: 8th - 11th August 2013


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