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Mummies in Edinburgh

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Fascinating Mummies (11 February - 27 May 2012)

The National Museum of Scotland showcases ancient Egyptian treasures dating as far as 4000BC in this exhibition bringing together two of the world's great collections.

Mummy and xray of Ankhhor

Just around the corner from our two Grassmarket hotels, the Apex International and Apex City Hotel, this is the first major exhibition in the museum's new purpose-built hall.

The exhibition is split into two parts. The first explores the ancient rituals surrounding death and the afterlife. The Egyptians preserved the bodies of their dead because they believed they had to remain in tact to be re-born into the afterlife. This process of preservation is called mummification, and the embalmed bodies are known as mummies. They were buried in tombs with great treasures and possessions it was thought they would need in the afterlife. Some tombs were so well hidden from intruders and grave robbers that the contents remained untouched and perfectly preserved for many thousands of years. The exhibition features an array of these treasures including painted coffins, amulets, jewellery, papyri, and ornaments.

The second part of the exhibition focuses on the way archaeologists and scientists have studied the Ancient Egyptians over the years. For example, early attempts at analysing the mummies involved unwrapping them in a process which is now seen as invasive and destructive. Now, modern technology allows them to scan the bodies using x-ray and CT scanning, leaving them undamaged.

This truly is a fascinating exhibition and a great family day out. Admission: Adults £9, concessions £7.50, child £6 and family (2 adults and 2 children) £26.

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