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Lisa's visit to Yu Spa

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In November 2011 Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh opened up brand new Yu Spa treatment rooms, and we sent our Marketing Executive Lisa along to test them out. Here's how she got on ..

I arrived at Yu Spa at Apex Waterloo Place Hotel and was welcomed by a lovely therapist called Claire. I liked her right away - she was really natural, not caked in make up or fake bake. Claire took me though to a double treatment room (ideal if you enjoy treatments with your mum/daughter, a friend or even a partner - note to self... Mum would love this for birthday or Christmas). The treatment room was tastefully decorated and very calming.

I decided on the Deep Tissue Back Massage as my job was desk based so have the usual aches and pains in all the expected places. Claire took this on board and then gave me choice of two oils - one to completely relax me or a more lively one. I decided on the livelier oil as I had things to do after the massage and didn't want to be too relaxed.

Claire quickly detected I was talker (unfortunately my way of relaxing).  She was very chatty back and had great conversation skills as the back massage started. I knew I was going to enjoy this. She got into all the nooks in my back and shoulders and manipulated it until the aches slowly unknotted themselves. It was AMAZING (way too fast in my opinion - why does time go so quickly when doing things you enjoy?).

All too soon my time was up.  I could have stayed for at least another 60 minutes.

Claire was really knowledgeable and pro Elemis products and treatments, (always a good sign that the therapist uses them, not because she has to, but because she wants to) but didn't push them onto me (my pet hate after a treatment is feeling you have to buy every available product - and you're too chilled to say no!)

I (begrudgingly) left the treatment room and made myself slowly back into the outside world, all relaxed and I made a promise to myself - I HAVE to do this more often.

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