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Addendum pork burger

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Addendum Pork Burger


Our head chef Darren Thomson at Addendum Restaurant has been on a mission to source the finest, top premium quality meat. After much research, Darren and his team have purchased two of the finest pigs from Purely Pork at Ord Mains Farm in Berwick-upon-Tweed in order to serve the best locally produced pork in the United Kingdom.

Purely Pork are renowned for their care and attention to detail in where traditional native pig breeds are slowly grown in family groups, in low-density and low-stress outdoor conditions. It’s through these conditions that the pigs can live closer to the way that nature intended and therefore exhibit natural behaviours in grass and woodland environments. The direct advantage of all this care and attention to detail results in bacon, sausages and joints which provide exceptional taste and quality.



Darren has selected a Middle white breed, which is a traditional pig that has been improved by the introduction of Chinese bloodlines in previous centuries, resulting in quicker weight gain and a distinctive broad face. The Middle white used to be known as the London Porker as thousands were sent to the capital every week to supply the pork trade between the two world wars. They are gentle pigs, grazers rather than rooters and produce succulent, quality pork.

The second pig is the Tamworth, which is an old breed from Staffordshire that have roots in Ireland. The Tamworth is a large breed, which is slow maturing and is known as the ground hound of the pig world due to its running ability. Tamworth's tend to be noisy and boisterous pigs who aren't slow to tell you they are hungry.

The Middle Whites tend to produce succulent flesh and the Tamworth slightly more gamey. Darren has selected these rare breeds as they are far more superior in taste and texture to the commercial hybrids.


Through his own tasting experiences, Darren has created a sumptuous burger recipe to compliment these specially selected pork flavours. Throughout the World Cup we will we running a daily special where you can enjoy a delicious British Ale & British pork burger for £14.50. To make a booking you can call us now on 02079779500.

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