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The Phantom Returns

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Apex Hotels Marketing Executive Lisa Masterton heard that The Phantom of The Opera was visiting the Edinburgh Playhouse for a second time and just had to see it.
The story is based in a Parisian opera house where a musical genius (Erik) scares the opera crew to ensure the love of his live, Christine, becomes a star. Christine was a singer in the choir company and only when spooky occurrences happen in the opera house does Christine have to opportunity to show her talent, taught by a voice, whom she initially thinks is the Angel of Music, but is Erik. Erik is  a physically deformed and mentally disturbed operatic genius who has created a home for himself in the cellars of the opera house and wrote the opera the company is performing.

Initially Christine is unaware that Erik has fallen in love with her, but he kidnaps her and takes her to his home.  She also has another admirer, Raoul, her old childhood friend, who promises to take Christine away so Erik can never find her.  Who will Christine choose? Will she become attracted to abductor or choose Raoul?

The set, costumes and special effects were so impressive.
The cast provided an exhilarating performance. Christine is played by Katie Hall, no stranger to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s productions.  Her voice was an absolute treat to listen to.  John Owen-Jones was The Phantom. He’s an experienced Phantom and has played him since 2001, more times than any other actor in the West End.  
My Playhouse friends invited us to a VIP preview of the refurbished bar at the Edinburgh Playhouse at the interval. ‘The Boards’ features a beautiful large airy bar with a majestic piano and has a 1930’s feel. It is ideal for pre and interval drinks and can be pre-booked for special occasions so I would strongly recommend checking it out.

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