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Vikings in Edinburgh

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Vikings! (18 January - 12 May 2013)

When asked about the Vikings, many of us would think of barbaric hordes in horned helmets. We imagine a primitive warlike tribe fuelled by excessive drinking and convinced that only death in battle would win them entry to the afterlife. It's an entertaining fiction, but the reality is much richer and more interesting.

From 18 January 2013, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh hosts an exclusive exhibition of artefacts, rarely seen outside Scandinavia, which will open your eyes to the real Viking Age.

Silver pendant in the shape of a male head.  © National Historical Museum, Sweden

This is the only UK stop for this major exhibition of objects from Sweden's National Historical Museum in Stockholm. Over 500 artefacts are featured, giving an insight into many facets of Viking life from crafts and technology to their mythology and changing religions.

As their Head of Exhibitions, Sophie Nyman, reminds us: "They are a constant presence in popular culture across large parts of the world and there are numerous long-established myths surrounding the Vikings, including that the warriors had horns on their helmets.”

There's more to the exhibition than ancient museum pieces, though; they're complemented by a series of high-tech hands-on displays. One of these is a large digital display table allowing visitors to collaborate in excavating a Viking boat grave.

Make the most of your visit with a city break at Apex Hotels.

Location: National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF


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