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Hamish's Blog - Day Three

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Blog - Day 3

Hamish sees the Queen

Another fantastic day in Glasgow, and today you can really tell that the games have started. Whenever you are in the city, there is a sense that something fantastic and exciting is happening. You cannot escape them, everywhere you look there is a reminder of the Games. People are talking about them, people are going to see them and people are smiling.

Today has been a quiet day in the SIC, especially at the Judo desk; the first Judo competition started today so all the teams were at the SECC to watch. This left us sitting watching the Judo from our desk in the Village. It has turned out to be quite a successful day's Judo for Team Scotland and Team England so getting peace to watch it was rather enjoyable. The main event in the Village today was a visit from the Queen, she came to have a look round the Village and have her lunch with some athletes. This did bring the whole place to a standstill, however, as the main passage through the Village became blocked by athletes and volunteers trying to get a picture of Her Majesty. The atmosphere, though, was great once again; the sun was shining, the competitions had begun and you could tell. Less people were milling around in the Village but there was a sense that the excitement surrounding the Games was still increasing.

After a quiet day in the Village, myself and a few of the other SIC volunteers headed up to watch this evening's hockey matches between England and Trinidad and Tobago; and New Zealand and Canada. The level of English travelling support was fantastic and made for a great.. Both games were great to watch, it is an incredibly quick sport and never seems to stop. England overcame Trinidad and Tobago with a convincing victory whereas New Zealand had a much tighter game with Canada.

Tomorrow sees my first shift outside of the Village, in the SECC for the Judo competition. A busy but exciting day is surely in store for me and I cannot wait to be that little bit closer to some of the action.

Austin goes to the Games

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