• Holistic Therapy Treatments

    Reiki - £40 (P)

    Reiki is a natural healing art originating in Japan. The Japanese believe that it restores the natural balance in the body using the energy which is all around us. Understanding Reiki gives a comprehensive insight into this technique which involves your therapist placing their hands in a specific sequence of positions around your body to channel your energy forces and promote a sense of wellbeing and calm.


    Mon-Thurs £45 | Fri - Sun £48

    Reflexology can be used to help maintain the body's natural equilibrium. This therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. Treatment involves applying pressure to the precise reflex points on your feet.

    Hopi Ear Candling

    Mon - Thurs £32 | Fri - Sun £35

    This ancient therapy has roots from Native American Indians and Asian communities. This is a soothing, relaxing treatment which helps to balance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. Helps with stress, nervousness, headaches and ear noise. This relaxing treatment is followed with a taster facial to stimulate the lymphatic system.

    Indian Head Massage

    A truly unique, stress reducing experience. Following ancient traditional methods, the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face are massaged. This helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and assists in the elimination of waste products from the body. The treatment is individually designed to energise mind, body and spirit.

    *Not recommended within first trimester