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London New Year breaks

Party in the city this New Year

Grab your dancing shoes and party outfit New Year’s Eve in London is one of the biggest parties in the world. You’ll be in awe of the world-class fireworks that light up the city centre bringing the crowds to silence as they take the stage. Prepare to be dazzled with a night of entertainment wherever you go.

Treat yourself to a stay in the city, take advantage of the late night transport and leave all your troubles at home. The magical atmosphere at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is enough to bring all your childhood excitement back to life this Christmas.

  • Start your night with a relaxing dinner in Addendum Restaurant before heading out to find a party at one of the city’s bustling pubs or bars.
  • Memories are made in the moment, explore the city and head over to Tower Bridge for a view of the London Eye fireworks and a romantic New Year’s Eve kiss at midnight.
  • Skip your alarm and sleep through the morning - it’s no problem with your midday check out time.

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