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Discover things to do in Edinburgh

Stay near the vibrant New Town area

Edinburgh City Centre is surrounded by vibrant greenery - the Princes Street Gardens - and an architectural gem in Edinburgh Castle. On either side of the divide sit New Town and Old Town, two distinct districts with their own identities, histories, and attractions.

The majority of the areas buildings were constructed in The New Town in the late 18th and early 19th century -- and many of these neo-Classical and Georgian structures remain intact today. Many of these gorgeous two- or three-story buildings are home to high-end boutiques, bars, and restaurants, while some have retained residential character. New Town's rectangular street grid makes navigation simple: Princes Street and George Street are the area's main thoroughfares, with smaller, alley-esque streets such as Rose Street and Thistle Street tucked in between.

Each street has its own unique character. Princes Street, borders the city's gardens on the south side of New Town, features a number of major retailers, including Edinburgh's top department store, Jenners. George Street is home to Edinburgh's most esteemed nightlife destinations, including clubs, cocktail bars and high-end restaurants. The smaller streets host charming local pubs and restaurants, coming alive with revelers on weekend nights and summer days. New Town is ringed by exceptional shopping and entertainment options, including an indoor mall called St. James Shopping, a luxury pedestrian mall called Multrees Walk, and the Omni Centre and Edinburgh Playhouse.

Apex Waterloo Place sits on the New Town side of the Edinburgh divide - but just barely. The hotel is just around the corner from the Edinburgh Playhouse and just up the street from Princes Street's best shopping, but it's also just a short walk across North Bridge from the centuries-old architecture and world-class museums and churches of Old Town.

Learn more about attractions in Edinburgh's New and Old towns alike with our guide to things to do in Edinburgh.