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We’ve teamed up with a brand new ambassador, Celynn Morin. The registered dietician, wellbeing expert, corporate wellness consultant and avid traveller has been working with us to help you get the most out of your mind and body, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Together with the help of some of our guests, we’ve introduced some little touches to help you make the most of your stay, whether you want to rejuvenate, focus or relax.

And even if you haven’t booked a stay with us yet, you can still take advantage of Celynn’s tips and advice with our exclusive series of five podcasts: Rejuvenate, Focus and Relax with Celynn Morin, which are coming soon.

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Podcast 1: Snacking for rejuvenation

In the first of the series of rejuvenate, focus and relax podcasts, Celynn is talking all things snacking. Find out the best way to energise by fuelling the body – including snacking for stamina and SMART snacking.

Podcast 2: Move yourself to energise yourself

The second episode in our exclusive podcast series continues the theme of rejuvenation – but this time, the focus is on movement and how important it is for gaining energy. Celynn gives some great ideas on how to increase energy and activity levels, whether you have access to a gym or not.

Podcast 3: Take a deep breath and focus

As our exclusive podcast series passes the halfway point, we’re moving on from talking rejuvenation to zone in on focus. Mindfulness is a big topic, but not many people know how to practice it. Celynn will give you the low-down on how to regain and maintain focus with some simple mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Podcast 4: Sleep – the ultimate relaxation

When you reach the fourth in our exclusive podcast series… it’s time to relax. Celynn will be talking about the ultimate in relaxation, and something that evades many of us: getting a great night’s sleep. Celynn won’t just be discussing getting eight hours of shut-eye – she’ll be providing some tips on getting the best possible quality sleep too.

Podcast 5: The rise of the power nap

The fifth and final podcast in our exclusive series sticks with all things sleep and relaxation, and looks into the new phenomenon of napping. Learn the best techniques for grabbing a few minutes of precious relaxation throughout the day, to achieve the perfect power nap.