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A Play, Pie and a Pint at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre

A Play, Pie and a Pint at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre

From Tuesday, 11 September 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018 September 11, 2018 October 20, 2018 Apex Hotels

The Play Pie and A Pint series, famous in Glasgow's Oran Mor bar, is coming to Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre which shows plays from various directors and playwrights.Tickets cost £13.50 and include a free pie and a pint of beer. The show starts at 1pm and 7pm daily and the play lasts 1 hour. The plays and dates can be seen below:

By Chris Grady
TUE 11 – SAT 15 SEP, 1PM; FRI 14 SEP, 7PM

Jay hasn’t left his flat in years due to a fear of the outside world, exacerbated by an endless cycle of TV news. It’s not a problem though; online shopping and his mum are all he really needs anyway. But when a gun is inexplicably posted through his letterbox and two unwelcome visitors come knocking, Jay can’t hide any longer. The outside world is coming to him.

By James Runcie
TUE 18 – SAT 22 SEP, 1PM; FRI 21 SEP, 7PM

Paris, spring 1956, where Fred Astaire, the world’s greatest dancer, Jean-Paul Sartre, the world’s most influential philosopher and Audrey Hepburn, the world’s most beautiful woman, meet in a musical comedy about existentialism, the meaning of life and tap dancing your way to happiness… It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

By Donna Franceschild
TUE 25 – SAT 29 SEPT, 1PM; FRI 28 SEP, 7PM

Saleh and Jacek are on a run of bad luck. Saleh’s asylum claim isn’t looking hopeful, Jacek hasn’t been able to send money to his wife in Krakow for months, and they’ve just been ejected from a homeless shelter for ‘rowdy behaviour’. But when a lottery ticket blows into Jacek’s coat as he sleeps, Saleh is convinced their fortunes are about to change.

By John Bett
TUE 2 – SAT 6 OCT, 1PM; FRI 5 OCT, 7PM

Presented in classic revue format, Tipping the Hat brings the satirical songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, a stage duo of the 50s and 60s, to a contemporary audience. Two men and a piano invite you to enjoy some silliness, be touched by elegant sadness, savour humanity and revel in delicious wit.

By Alan Bissett
TUE 9 – SAT 13 OCT, 1PM; FRI 12 OCT, 7PM

A police interview room. A table. Jock has been huckled for a crime he says he didn't commit: imperialism. He has been spotted at the scene, but is it what it looks like? Or is Jock, despite what he claims, a racist himself? It Wisnae Me is a political satire posing the question of Scotland’s complicity in colonisation.

By Morag Fullarton
TUE 16 – SAT 20 OCT, 1PM; FRI 19 OCT, 7PM

Before the war, Billy was a budding musician, playing along to silent movies in the picture houses of Glasgow. December 1918, he returns blinded, scarred and stuck in a small town with no job prospects. Between the last few months of WW1 and the immediate aftermath, a strange encounter brings Billy the hope that he may not have played his last picture show.

Tickets sell out quickly and must be booked in advance. 

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