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City of London guide

Learn more about the Square Mile

There's more to the City of London than corporate offices and financial centres. It's the historical centre of Greater London and the UK as a whole and one of the premier areas in the world for architecture enthusiasts. It's also surrounded by some of London's most vibrant districts, offering plenty of opportunities to experience an array of the best things to do in London.

The City of London has operated as the functional centre of the greater metropolitan area for thousands of years. From the Romans' first settlements in the small area nearly two millenniums ago to British rule in the 1500s and on, the City of London has undergone numerous physical, social and cultural changes. Over the centuries, some of the UK's most iconic structures were erected in the densely packed section of the city known colloquially by locals as London's Square Mile. Despite a large-scale fire, firebombing during WWII and rampant redevelopment, pieces of some of these buildings remain:

  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • The Guildhall
  • Mansion House
  • Roman London Wall

Apex London Wall Hotel is located near the centre of the City of London. The hotel is within walking distance of several of the Square Mile's top historic attractions, cultural destinations, and transit links - not to mention the corporate offices that occupy much of the area today.

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