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Things to do in Central London and the Square Mile

London travel guide

The City of London may be known for its corporate offices, formal atmosphere, and mix of architecture old and new, but the neighborhood is truly one of the UK's hidden gems, thanks to its location within walking distance of many of the top things to do in Central London.

The City of London - known by locals as the City or the Square Mile - owes its unique blend of old and new to its rich history, which dates back to approximately 43 AD. The Romans were the first to settle in the area, building the London Wall around 200 AD. Pieces of this structure remain in place within a few minutes walk of the hotel. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the City became a stronghold of British power, surviving several major fires to become a major centre of banking and commerce by the 1500s and 1600s. As the surrounding countryside was transformed into the metropolis now known as Greater London, the City continued its development, adding iconic structures like St. Paul's Cathedral (1708) and overcoming firebombing during World War II. Since the 1970s, the Square Mile has become one of the world's leading financial centres and primarily a commercial neighborhood. Today, the small area is home to the UK's first skyscraper (Natwest Tower), the famed "Gherkin" building, and Heron Tower, the UK's third-tallest building. 

Apex Temple Court Hotel, located on the west end of the City's official square mile, is within walking distance of Covent Garden's famed "Theatreland," the iconic dome of St. Paul's Cathedral, and the world-class exhibitions of the Tate Modern. Although the area is the UK's busiest business district during the week, it transforms into a calm and quiet hamlet each weekend. The City of London caters to every variety of traveller: the family looking for a less hectic location near London's top tourist attractions, the couple in search of an intimate escape within reach of Central London attractions, and the business traveller seeking proximity to transit hubs, corporate offices, and London City Airport. 

Use our comprehensive London travel guide to plan your stay in the City of London.