Discover Dundee

Explore the city surrounding our hotel near Caird Hall

Dundee is known as an educational centre and a technology hub - and deservedly so. But there's so much beyond the city's established reputation that isn't often discussed: its museums, theatres, dining, and nightlife all stand out as some of Scotland's best.

Dundee is small enough to carry the vibes of a quaint coastal town, but large enough to be Scotland's fourth most populous city. The City Centre has two large shopping centres, a bustling public square, one of the UK's best venues - Caird Hall - and dining options of all kinds. The University of Dundee, renowned for its contributions to the field of DNA sequencing, is more than a collection of labs: it's the beating heart of Dundee's thriving comedy, art, and tech scenes.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy day long or weekend excursions to the area just beyond Dundee's city limits. St. Andrews Links - perhaps the most famous golf course in the world - lies less than 15 miles from Dundee. The Tay Road Bridge is an architectural highlight, as one of the longest road bridges in Europe. Just East of the city sits Broughty Ferry, a charming settlement that provides a soothing escape from the city.