Wine & dine in style

The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas

A short walk across the cobblestone courtyard sits the Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas. Gentlemen and scholars, ballerinas and bankers, socialites and party goers alike convene to dine, drink, dance and indulge. Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility at Lazy Ballerinas…

Here, at our secluded Fleet Street wine bar, we live for the joy of sharing exceptional and exciting wines. Alongside carefully selected artisan cheese & charcuterie and our ever-evolving list of small plates, our menus are driven by a desire to make beautifully crafted seasonal plates.

There’s no rule book to choosing a great wine. What you like is what you want, and we’ll always aim to give you what you want…with a little inspiration along the way. Your curiosity is the only currency we seek, and all we ask is that you indulge. So come on in, relax and imbibe.

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